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Pastoral Team at PJGH

Church Oversight

The leadership of the church is in the hands of a team of godly individuals known as the Oversight. This comprises Elders and Deacons, who are appointed based on the guidance laid down in the Bible. The Elders set the spiritual direction of the church while the Deacons support them in working out this direction and attending to the physical and logistical needs of the church. The Oversight also provides pastoral care to members of the church.

The current Elders and Deacons of the church are:


Lee Wee Min

Chew Phye Keat

William Yeong

Woon Chung Neng

Yap Wai Shoong


Steven Ho

Anderson Selvasegaram

Ho Kin Wing

Jason Ng

Yoon Ming Sun

Ho Chee Wah

Benny Kong

Jason Voon

Alex Kong

James Lau

Elder Emeritus:

Kong Yeng Phooi

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